Speaking | Sarah Hampson

  • She is a popular, award-winning media personality, widely recognized across Canada, who has a gift for intimacy with audiences large and small.
  • Best known for her insightful interview profiles in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading national newspaper, she is genuinely interested in people, and it is that sense of connection and curiosity that characterizes her public appearances.
  • She hosts events, facilitating discussions on a panel, and drawing out celebrities and best-selling authors in live, on-stage interviews.
  • Throughout her 20-year career as a journalist, she has interviewed over 500 worldwide celebrities and profiled many people in all sectors – entertainment, arts, sports and business.  She has learned a lot about people – and about herself – and she shares those lessons with laughter, empathy and insight to help others find and live authentic success.

Speaking Topics include:

    1. Lessons in Authentic Success from People at the Top.
      We don’t want mere success. We want success that is meaningful to us; success that matters. With insights gained from interviewing over 500 world leaders in the arts, sports and business, Hampson speaks about the tips from the top. Few people who have achieved worldwide success in their chosen field started out with anything more than desire. What makes them know what they want? What makes them get it? What keeps them at the top? What are the lessons we can learn from them about how to live your dream?


    1. Why Adversity is a Key to Happiness and Success.
      No one gets through life without experiencing some of kind of failure, personally or professionally. But the true measure of a human being is not in how you handle success, it’s in how you manage disappointment. You can learn the most about yourself when you fail. That’s the greatest chance to grow because you discover what you’re made of, what you really want and how to learn from your mistakes. The key is not to be angry. Anger keeps you in a box. It poisons you. Be disappointed, sure. But know there’s a lesson you had to learn through your adversity. Hampson talks about divorce and other hardships that help us learn who we really are.


    1. The 4 Key Behaviours Women Mistake as Weaknesses in the Workplace.
      The sills women see as our strengths in business – the ability to build consensus, to work in a team, the desire to create positive work environments – are often our liabilities. Hampson explores the female behaviours that can hinder our ability to progress in the workplace.


  1. Women & Happiness.
    It could be a three-day think tank. It could be a book. Hampson explores the pursuit of happiness as it relates to women by drawing upon recent research in well-being and observations from her own life and those of other women. Is there such a being as a happy mother? Is there a happy work-life balance? How can motherhood give us new skills for the workplace? As the mother of three grown sons, who gave up her first career in advertising to be at home with her children after the third son was born, Hampson brings her unique perspective to how women can view their lives and careers.

All speeches are custom-designed to reflect the needs and desires of the target audience. Accompanied by an audio-visual presentation, if required, Hampson’s speeches are generally an hour or less in length.